Roof repairs Bath

In an emergency we will try and solve the issue there and then but if the weather prevents this, we still do everything we can to carry out a temporary repair and make the area safe and water tight.
In the 2013-3014 winter we had some of the worst winds and prolonged heavy rain downpours for a long period. We at S.C Roofing were inundated with emergency calls. Most instances are not avoidable but sometimes they are.

Maintaining Your Property

If you know you have loose tiles at verges or falling mortar on ridges it’s ideal to get these fixed. However tempting it is to leave it as it is not always causing a leak that you know of but water ingress can be rotting timbers that you can’t see which will make it more costly in the long run.

It is important to get gutters, down pipes and roofs cleaned regularly as a blocked outlet can cause the biggest leaks with water backing up and over spilling. In the Bath area there are many “secret gutters” going through the loft space taking the water from the centre to the outside of the properties outlet.  Without regular inspections these can cause devastating leaks. Regular inspections and cleaning will prevent this.

Surveys & Inspection Service

Buying or selling a property, or thinking of having Solar panels fitted?
We can carry out a thorough independent survey to put your mind at ease.

Roof repair & Maintenance Bath

Repairs & Maintenance

More About Our Maintenance and Damage Repair Service

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