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The traditional felt system has taken some flak over the last few years with the emergence of various single ply rubber systems. However, as the new systems move in, the old move on. The bituminous felt is now better made, longer lasting and now has longer guarantees which makes it one of the most cost effective reliable systems available while also keeping the traditional look.


The Fatra roofing solutions consist of Fatra Single Ply Membranes, Fatra a Liquid Applied Waterproofing System and Fatra Two Layer Felt. These are combined with a range of carefully selected accessories including fixings and rainwater outlets to green roofing components and vapour control layers to complement the systems and provide an integrated solution capable of solving many flat roofing requirements.

Our roofers are qualified to install Fatra and have been issued with a Fatra Installers Card, a photo ID card with a unique operative number that registers the fact that they able to install the Fatra roof systems correctly and competently.

Fatra has a standard guarantee is 20 years and their BBA certificate states a durability in excess of 30 years.

EPDM rubber system

We specialise in rubber roofs. The most popular product on the UK market is Duo Ply. It is an EPDM fleece reinforced rubber membrane, that is an off-black colour.
EPDM has been in demand over the last few years as it goes very well with the popular Anthracite colour cladding, soffits and fascias as well as being extremely aesthetically pleasing. It is also a proven product to keep your roof water tight for many years. Due to its 1.52m x 12.2m size it has less seams and it is very quick to install so competitively priced.

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